Hello My Name is Lisa . . . Petsitting, Pet Sitter, Pet Sitting or Petsitter – I am the One!


I like Pets more than People.  So your pets are always welcome in my home.

Petsitting Professional.

Pet Sitting for your pets is what I do.  I am a surgical technician of 15 years for a Veterinary Clinic here in Louisville.  I do pet training, obedience training, diet & nutrition diagnosis and consulting, behavior modification and potty training.

Pet Sitting for Dogs & Cats of Louisville, Kentucky KY

Professional Home Care for Your Pet /  Warm Friendly Home / Fenced Yard /            Walks & Talks Included / Pet Training / Veterinary Technician /  Care Giver /  502 . 345 . 3503  weis.lisa@gmail.com /  Please use Email – I’m probably working with someone’s pet . . .

Pet Sitter




Dogs, Cats, Birds & other Exotics – Pet Sitting, Training with Home Care

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I offer a natural, safe, fun and loving environment.
Once your dog is introduced to our “home”, your dog will enjoy the company of new playmates under close supervision. Dogs are social animals that thirve on being part of a family or pack. I have modeled my home around this very simple concept. Most of the unwanted canine behaviors that owners experience are a direct result of boredom and lack of exercise. I address both of these issues and send your dog back to you feeling happy & fulfilled.
Exercise & Socialization provided daily 
Training offered at every level
Click here to read more! A fun, cage-free play area.Serious about having fun! A socialization and exercise program provides an outlet for dogs and their owners. Click here to read more! Does your dog listen?Certified training offer an array of classes for your dog that blend performance and a bonding experience.
Grooming all breeds and temperments
Click here to read more! Is it time for a trim?Be sure to ask about the special “Scent of The Month” package. It includes a wonderfully scented shampoo, matching conditioner & spray as well as a nail grinding. Click here to read more! Photos of our furry friends.Here’s some photos of our loved ones. Check out some of the photos by clicking on the picture.
Calendar of upcoming events
Click here to read more! Your loved ones will be in good hands.I work closely with other professionals in the pet care industry. Click here to read more! Catch all the fantastic activities!My training outline schedule.